Complete Stump Removal Services: Removing Obstacles, Creating Space

Do you have a stump on your lawn? Aside from being an eyesore, the stump is dangerous as well. Since stump grinding is not easy, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. When it comes to complete stump removal, you can rely on Amanco Tree Services! If you have a stump on your lawn in Omaha, NE, entrust it to our tree specialists!

On-Site Evaluation

We assess the size, condition, and accessibility of the stumps to determine the appropriate equipment and grinding techniques needed for successful removal.

Clearing the Area

Before we start the process, our team clears the area around the stump to ensure safety and accessibility. We remove any debris, rocks, or obstacles that might interfere with grinding.

Equipment Setup

Our team arrives equipped with state-of-the-art stump grinding equipment. We select the appropriate grinder based on the size and hardness of the stump, ensuring efficient and precise removal.

Safe and Controlled Grinding

Using the stump grinder, we begin the grinding process. Our skilled technicians work with precision and control, grinding the stump to a predetermined depth below the ground surface. We take care to avoid damage to the surrounding landscape and property.

Root Chasing and Removal

Tree roots may sometimes extend from the stump. Our team employs root-chasing techniques to follow and remove these roots. Removing the roots prevents potential regrowth and ensures a thorough stump removal.

Wood Chip Cleanup

As the stump is ground down, it transforms into wood chips. We collect and remove the wood chips from the area, leaving your property clean and tidy. We can leave the wood chips as mulch in your garden if you prefer.

Site Restoration

We restore the area to its original condition. We fill the hole in the stump leaves with soil or wood chips, leveling the ground to match the surrounding landscape.

Environmentally Conscious Disposal

As part of our commitment to environmental responsibility, we responsibly dispose of wood chips and debris. We follow proper waste disposal practices to minimize our environmental impact.

At Amanco Tree Services, we ensure we can provide complete stump removal without compromising the surrounding elements. Keep your lawn in Omaha, NE beautiful and safe by calling us at (402) 566-8563 today!

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